Laptop quest over

So about a few months back, I decided to buy a new laptop because the old one was kind of crappy. The quest went on for quite some time and still the best I could come up with in  my budget was a HP ba021-ax with AMD A10 9600p, 4 gigs of RAM and a […]

Let the Laptop quest begin!

A lot of us buy new laptops with the beginning of our college life. Right now, I own a desktop and a laptop. The desktop is a dual monitor hackintosh setup with the following specs. 8 gigs of RAM Pentium G2010 3rd gen dual core AMD HD 6570 – 1 GB Sapphire edition Asrock H61M-S1 […]


“Risk something or forever sit with your dreams.” So most of us are very well aware about the scope of engineering studies in India. Bonus if you are studying in a private engineering college. Just like most of you guys, I belong to a private engineering college. For all those non-engineers here, a private engineering […]

Me vs TP Link WR 740n

So most of us have that budget router in our homes which we exploit as if it were an Asus RT AC 88U. Similarly, I have a TP link WR 740n which served as my backup router for about an year. The router gives crazy connectivity which is on par with its double priced alternatives. […]

The First One.

Hey readers, This blog will basically serve as a log of all the cool stuff(mostly technical 😉 of my life. Stay connected for future updates. You can check more about me in the About section or if you want, you can Contact Me. Welcome Aboard!